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Artist Statement

I'm interested in many different aspects of humanity in my diverse, multicultural society. Love, help, comfort, hope, joy, solitude, loneliness, and tragedy are all interspersed with a clear message of my concern and hope for humanity. The idea of expressing subjectivity and human emotion in relation to metaphysical awareness as a primary theme of exploration is essential to my practice. The development of my art work is largely based on my personal experiences and philosophical conception based on my belief.


In my recent hand-built clay work, especially in its joyous detail, I am celebrating London – one of the most splendid cities in the world, possessing its own beauty and diversity. To me, the city is ever pulsing and vibrant. I take direction from my fondness for the capital’s unique architectural scenes, along with my beliefs. I then overlay what I do with sensitivity to the humanity of the teeming millions.   


Practically, in my various sizes of the work I have always tried in combining 2D and 3D work. For the medium, I use different materials & methods such as - building, welding, carving, plastering, drawing, painting, engraving, glazing and firing to express the theme of humanity....


For me, art is life. Expressing the inspiration in my mind isn’t always easy because it often brings pain along with joy. However all those different emotional and creative processes have taught me perseverance and given me insight into both my art and my personal life. So I value more in the processing of my work than the final outcome. But I can’t deny that sometimes I feel frustrated by the limitations of my own thoughts, even though I’ve been working as an artist quite for a while and I am still in search of true liberation within my work. Nonetheless, this process reflects the direction of my art, and I will most likely continue this struggle throughout my life as an artist. Perhaps, this forms a part of all of our lives as cognitive beings.

If so I really hope to share this with the viewer through my works.


Instagram@ sarahechoiart

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